About Us



Thai Mama's mission is to provide authentic, homemade Thai food to the entire Tampa Bay community.

Born in Buri Ram, Thailand, Chef Prayoon 'Lek" Brink is no stranger to cooking. Lek moved from home at the age of 12 to develop her culinary skills at various Guest Houses and Hotels in Bangkok. By the age of 25 she was working as an assistant Chef at a resort on The Gulf of Thailand. This is where she met Glenn Brink, an American tour guide. They have been together ever since and wasted little time in starting a family. In 1999 Lek and Glenn moved to Florida with their 6 year old son, Wuthipat (Woody) Brink. In 2001 daughter Alysha joined the family. Lek continued working at some of the finest Thai Restaurants in Tampa Bay. Thai friends confided to us that they were always happy to drop by the house, in hopes of being served up one of her home cooked dishes.. At their request, she would cook food and sauces for them to take home. This year the family decided that it was time to bring Thai Mama's home cooking to everyone in the form of a food truck. We encourage you to reach out to us and try Thai Mama's cooking as the majority of the Thai community has vouched for her home cooked meals.